All about us

More than you wanted to know…

I think it’s getting difficult for people to keep up with us.

Ten years ago I left Raleigh, NC, to get married to Jackie.  Since then we’ve lived near Washington DC, Saint Louis, MO, Dayton, Ohio, and now we’re returning to Raleigh.   Kind of a tour of duty…

I’ve taken a job at Red Hat, and soon Jackie will be building an art business, which is something she’s wanted to do for a long, long time.

Born in Scotland and raised in Canada, I came to the US on the back of Nortel Networks in 1996. I’ve worked in public relations, employee relations, marketing communications, project and account management, tech writing, customer service, and now as a content strategist.  I’ve been a photographer, movie-maker, Apple Store dude, and a website builder.

But mostly I love life and my family.