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Racing car photography – lessons from Heath

“Whatever you do in life, it’s important to have a brand.  You’ve got to give people a reason to remember who you are.” Darren Heath is one of the world’s best in racing car photography. In this interview with Mario Muth, he shares experiences and lessons in this difficult field of endeavor....

Impressions: Tamron 150-600mm

Back when I started shooting racing cars in the digital era, I had two Nikon cameras and a 300mm f2.8 telephoto lens that I’d picked up second hand.  Even though a 2X multiplier restricted it to f5.6, it was still a fantastic lens.  Assuming I did my job correctly, everything...

Finally, a new website!

The new website is finally up! It’s been coming for a long time – the old one was flash-based and was geared to the old way that Google found sites to index, so it was certainly a long overdue milestone. The new one is a non-flash, responsive design (so...

What I’m doing now

My latest venture is as a Content Strategist for Red Hat, the world’s leading open-source company.  I’m also a PMI-certified project manager with years of successful experience delivering technical, training, and creative projects on time and on budget.

Award-winning photography

Before Red Hat, I was a photographer for a number of years, doing weddings and racing cars (quite a combination… don’t you think?).  Check my general photography, or racing car photos, or weddings and portraits. You can also check out my gallery on ViewBug.

Constructing WordPress websites

Another example of open-source software is WordPress, the website-building platform and  nowadays it’s all about the mobile.  Check out the responsive websites I’ve built for people economically and quickly in the web design part of my portfolio.

Video and video editing

Who wouldn’t like to be in on the making of a motion picture?  It’s tons of fun!  I’ve only been part of one major production, but here’s a case study of our film project in the video section of  the portfolio and a few other video samples I’ve toyed with in the video-related posts in the blog.

Racing days!

Car racing has been in my blood since age 14 when my close friend David pulled out his Scalextric racing set.  I love all forms or car racing and even spent six fabulous years of wheel-to-wheel kart racing on racetracks in eastern Canada including several International-level races, and a stint at the Jim Russell Racing School in a Formula Ford.  Nowadays, racing fun is confined to using a camera — check out the images at my site.


I first got interested in family history when I started to near the age that I remembered my grandparents to be when I was young.  As well as researching family history, I also looked into the CADZOW name, which is not overly common.   All the findings are here on
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