Web design, photography, video, more...

Web design, photography, video, more…

Web Design

Website: Lana Read, director

Lana Read is the founder of Garnet Films, in Cincinnati — a female-owned film production company that provides independent filmmakers with all the services they need to make their film project rattle and hum. She needed her website to rattle and hum too.

Website: Cadzow History

CadzowHistory.org needed a new, responsive structure that’s easy to maintain can be viewed on tablets and smartphones. Also the content was in dire need of updating: links didn’t work, presentation was sorely dated, and nowadays you need video on your site to really make it rattle and hum.

Website: College Bound, the movie

You may remember Carl “the coach” Bailey, who came to us for his actor website about a year ago after leaving his career as a high school teacher to pursue his dream of acting.
Well, he’s back and now he’s a Producer too!