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Logos, web design, photography

Website: Cadzow History

Project Description

CadzowHistory.org has been around since 1998 and serves to tell the story of the Cadzow family name and it’s rich Scottish history.

The first version of the site was built in Adobe Homepage (remember that?), and then it was rebuilt into a Dreamweaver-based CCS site which, due to the proprietary nature of the software and the author’s cheap nature, had become difficult to maintain and update.

Plus which, the world has moved on since then. It was time for a major makeover.

CadzowHistory.org needed a new, responsive structure that would be easy to maintain and could be viewed on tablets and smartphones. Also the content was in dire need of updating: links didn’t work, presentation was sorely dated, and nowadays you need video on your site to really make it rattle and hum.


The site has languished for quite some time so, although there was no strict deadline, it was best to have it done and posted as soon as possible.  The site was up and running by June 13, 2016.

Deliverables and Deadlines

WordPress is our software of choice, of course, because of the open source nature of the platform and also because many themes are available to suit any kind of design requirements and many plugins are available to add virtually any functionality to your site, easily and inexpensively. With WordPress and plug-ins, you can start with a very simple site and continually add functionality as your needs grow and develop.

With the CadzowHistory site, we looked for a free theme to accommodate the author’s cheap nature… plug-ins were also free.  The finished site has multiple pages, a blog function that is used to catalog stories of modern-day Cadzows as well as historical figures and interesting Cadzow stories from around the world.  To make it easier, all blog entries can be loaded into the same blog tool, but then they can be presented in different, organized ways — all powered by the categories and tags attached to each blog entry.

The only current plugin powers the contact page, but there are plans to update the site’s functionality with a discussion forum or a migration of the existing long-in-the-tooth guestbook, with it’s 17 years and 13 pages worth of user entries.

CadzowHistory.org is an almost 20-year old website that was initially developed and maintained by me, Derek Cadzow, and has grown with the contribution of many Cadzows around the world.  The site’s purpose is to research and share information about the history of the Cadzow family and make the world a little smaller for members of the family that live around the globe. The historical emphasis is on Scotland because, as far as we can tell, that’s where the family name got it’s start.

The new CadzowHistory.org is a WordPress-based site using the ColorMag template and a plug-in called Fast Secure Contact Form to power the Contact page. The site is video capable and displays a few videos about Cadzow historical landmarks. The administration is easy to use and it will be easy to add and change video clips, photographs, and blog posts and keep the new stories of Cadzows around the world rolling on.