Logos, web design, photography

Logos, web design, photography

Website: Carl “The Coach” Bailey, actor

Project Description

Five years ago, “The Coach” was a successful Texas High School football coach and administrator; then he decided to become an actor.

HeВ began his second career with a recurring role as a U.S. Marshall on NBC’s Chase.  Since then, he has been in more than 70 productions including some feature roles in major films such as Quentin Tarantino’s Django UnchainedNow You See MeWhen the Game Stands Tall, and Parkland. He’s worked with some of the industry’s top actors and directors and learned a lot from them.

The Coach needed a website to help get the word out about his acting abilities. He was looking for a marketing tool with headshots and video reels of some of his best acting scenes. It also needed an acting resume and photographs of him in his various roles. The objective was to further the Carl “the coach” Bailey brand and give him a vehicle to communicate quickly what he has done and what he can do on new film and TV projects. It also gives his fan base a place to go to get news on what he’s up to and where they can see him next.


We started planning the site in early January of 2016. The first draft of the site was ready for him to review by mid-month. The finished site, with all the changes and additions he wanted was up and running by the end of February.

Deliverables and Deadlines

The Coach’s site was fairly straightforward with only basic functionality required. We still used WordPress site software, of course, because of the open source nature of the platform and also because of the many themes that are available to suit any kind of design requirements. With WordPress, you can also add virtually any functionality to your site, easily and inexpensively, through the use of plug-ins. The Coach could start with a very simple site and continually add functionality as his career and his site needs grow and develop.

Carl chose the Acid WordPress theme. The finished site has multiple pages in a unique framework that allows the user to slide from page to page simply by swiping or scrolling to the right. It also supports his need for video reels, photographs, movie posters, a biography, and a way to get in touch with him. It has links to his IMDB page other social media sites. An external link to his agent’s site for his resume of his experiences means that the resume is not something he needs to do himself; the agent will keep that part current! He also maintains a blog about his acting experiences and the kind of things he’s found that helps him further his craft.

All of the technical requirements for these functions are furnished with this simple, yet fully-functional theme. The only current plugin we needed powers the contact page.

CarlTheCoachBailey.com is a basic website that promotes the acting prowess of Carl “The Coach” Bailey, a Texas high-school teacher who followed his passion and became an actor.  The Coach has now had innumerable roles and has worked with some well-known “name” actors who, he says, have been very generous with their knowledge and have helped him build his craft. Keep an eye out for The Coach; you’ll likely see him soon on a screen near you.

CarlTheCoachBailey.com is is a WordPress-based site using the Acid template and a plug-in called Fast Secure Contact Form to power the Contact page. The site is video capable and displays a few actor’s reels containing powerful clips of The Coach’s acting roles. Part of the website project was training The Coach on how to administer his own website so that, after the initial building of the site, he can add and delete new content on his own, including text and photographs.