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Website: College Bound, the movie

Project Description

You may remember Carl “the coach” Bailey, who came to us for his actor website about a year ago after leaving his career as a high school teacher to pursue his dream of acting.

Carl is back and has added the title “Producer” to his list of accomplishments with a new movie called College Bound. In the movie, a respected college-bound high school student-athlete, Isabella Santiago, is taken on a mission-trip. Those left behind — her family, two best friends, and would-be college roommates — deal with fear, blame, and anger for the next four years while a special team of agents go underground to get answers.

This project was more than just a website to promote a movie; it is a vehicle to help bring attention to the largely hidden issue of human trafficking.


We got started on the site at the beginning of March after our move to our new home. Thankfully the network went up here pretty quickly with only a few hiccups. During the project, we built the site, performed iterative reviews with the movie production team, completed final changes, created new collegeboundmovie.com emails for the team, and even provided support to get the email running on their devices. Everything was live and running by the third week in March.

Deliverables and Deadlines

Carl liked the Acid theme from his personal acting site so much that he wanted to use it again for the movie site. With prior experience with this theme, I was going to be able to move it a bit faster than normal.

We started by using a “coming soon” plugin, to shield public eyes from the confusion of a site under construction. With this plugin, the general public sees a clean page with a tease about the impending arrival of the new site. Behind that page, it’s anything but clean — only the website team can see the chaos as the site is developed and takes shape. Fans are treated to the complete site when it’s introduced. As they say, there’s never a second chance to make a first impression…

Initially Carl and I put the site together with movie posters, actor headshots, and material from human trafficking public service announcements. As the rest of the production team became involved, new material and new ideas crept into the mix. With WordPress, that’s not a big issue as it’s fairly straightforward to add new sections and change existing content as you go. This will be an important factor for the team because, as the movie production reaches the filming, post-production, and release stages, the site will need to be continually updated with new material to help market the film and nurture it’s fan base.

Shielded behind the “coming soon” page, the site could be easily shared with the production team and they could easily give input through Carl to me. With everyone’s collaboration, the final site looks great and helps to reflect the professionalism that Carl and his team are bringing to this movie project.

Script Writer Michael Arnold introduced Carl to his story of human trafficking, which is actually based on true events. Carl says the faith-based nature of the script and the chance to help people become more aware of the scourge of human trafficking were important factors in getting involved. It also afforded him the chance to test his production abilities on a major project.

“With my background I have always had the sense that I had the skill set to get a feature film off the ground and in the can. Now, I guess we will see if I really do.”

The new College Bound website is a WordPress-based site using the Acid theme. The site is a lateral parallax format, with the option to link to unique pages as well. It’s video capable and, with plugins, can share and follow social media accounts. The easy administration will allow the production team to keep the site up to date as movie production starts and keep their fans and their team up to date with the latest news and when and where the movie will be shown.