Logos, web design, photography

Logos, web design, photography

Website: Lana Read, director

Project Description

Lana Read of Garnet Films has a mission in life: to promote women in indie film both in front of the camera and behind it too. Lana founded Garnet Films several years ago and has directed and produced several short and feature films starring and involving women to promote that goal. One of her feature films, Western World, has recently landed a major distribution deal and is taking pre-orders now at amazon.com.

For a web site, Lana wanted one that combined several related activities: her role as a director, her role in Garnet Films, and her role in teaching others the craft of acting. The site was to be simple and straightforward, but also had to reflect the professionalism with which Lana approaches her indie-film business.


Lana gave the green light to the project near the beginning of 2017 which was, unfortunately, about the time we were moving house and all our computer gear — which can be a massive undertaking by itself. But of course, one of the first thing any computer junkie will get going in their new house is the network… so we were able to keep the project going through the chaos and the website went live about the middle of March.

Deliverables and Deadlines

Sometimes there are web projects that are well planned and detailed up front — then there are those that have a conceptual direction and take ongoing consultation with the client as the design starts to take shape. This project was, at least in part, one of the latter. Lana opted for the Acid theme for her WordPress site — we had worked with that theme for her earlier website and it suited her needs and her style and so we knew roughly what we wanted and Lana supplied the draft wording and we went back and forth with photography. The nice thing about the web is that things can be posted for review and changed as the client requires. Because the site was essentially online, we implemented a feature that presents a “coming soon” front page to the general public while we get things straightened out on the site in a private “sandbox”. When it goes live, the “coming soon” page disappears and the full, completed site is there for everyone to see. It worked out quite well.

One other feature Lana wanted was both her own personal lanaread.com and the business garnetfilms.com to point to the same website — an easy enough thing to do with domain forwarding.

Lana Read is the founder of Cincinnati’s Garnet Films — a female-owned film production company that provides independent filmmakers with all the services they need to make their film project rattle and hum. Garnet Films specialize in all aspects of bringing a movie project to life, including writing, production, and finding talented people. Lana also teaches acting classes and co-hosts a podcast about issues of interest to women in the indie film and entertainment industries.  As mentioned above, one of her feature films, Western World, is available for preorder now at amazon.com.

Lana’sВ new website is a WordPress-based site using the Acid theme. The site is a lateral parallax format, with the option to link to unique pages as well. It is video capable and I’m warming up to the use of the Social Warfare plugin for social media sharing. The administration is easy to use and Lana will be able to add and change, video clips, photographs, and blog posts by herself if she so chooses.