Logos, web design, photography

Logos, web design, photography

Website: Neapolitan Trifecta Podcast

Project Description

The Neapolitan Trifecta Podcast is looking to create awareness for women in film, build bigger opportunities for women, and shine a light on women’s issues globally.

Each of the partners (Lana Read and Nancy Pushkar) has made her way in the entertainment world and learned a lot about living and thriving in an advantage-male world. They have lots to say and lots to share about how they overcame the obstacles to their success.

Nancy and Lana wanted a website that would help them spread their ideas through podcasts and videocasts. They were looking to broadcast an audio podcast each week and follow it up with a recorded video version posted by the next day.


We started planning the site on April 1, 2016, and finished the initial build one month later.  Our entrepreneurs posted their first podcast on April 23. The functionality for the discussion Forum was added in mid-June.

Deliverables and Deadlines

The new site was built in phases, with new functionality added as the need arose and audiences grew.

The site is based on the Backstreet WordPress template, which has a responsive design for convenient viewing on mobile devices. The main functionality is audio podcast capability (preferably from the existing host but from a specialty podcast host if necessary) and the ability to post and play videos of past podcasts. Users can search past posts by category or by tag to find what they’re looking for. There is the obligatory About page for a description of the company and the ladies as well as a contact page. Linking in social media pages was an obvious must.

Initially, the idea was to have the Podcast broadcast live on day 1, and then a recorded videocast posted on Day 2. For the first phase of the site, both the audio and video podcasts were pre-recorded. Live broadcasts will be implemented in a later phase.

Also, the site also needed ways for listeners to engage with the discussion through posts, page comments, or by email. Because of the non-live nature of the initial podcasts, listeners had to make their comments after-the-fact. The later addition of discussion Forums gave listeners the ability to discuss amongst themselves between shows.

Neapolitan Trifecta Podcast, in Cincinnati, is a group of three women looking to further discussion of the female experience in the indyfilm and entertainment industry through podcasts and videocasts on their new website.  Lana Read is the owner of Garnet Films, a director and acting instructor, and a client for two of our other websites, GarnetFilms.com and LanaRead.com. Nancy Pushkar is the owner of Crazy Cat Lady Productions, a screenwriter, and an actress.

The Neapolitan Trifecta Podcast new website is a WordPress-based site using the Backstreet template and a plug-in called Bluberry Powerpress for the podcast functionality. It also has NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster for automatic posting of podcast and videocast blogs to Facebook and Twitter, Simple:press for the Forum capability, and Akismet for spam protection.

The site is audio and video capable and can display numerous audio or video excerpts either in the above-the-fold main-page slider, in blog posts, or in a custom gallery.  The administration is easy to use however the Trifecta staff have chosen to engage the writer to administer and maintain the site. Why? — because they’re too busy getting out there and changing the world!